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Weta Workshop houses a complete one-stop physical effects workshop under one roof, located in Wellington, New Zealand. It's all made possible through intense collaboration by multi-skilled artists and craftsmen between and across our departments. The creativity, passion and tenacity of the Weta Workshop crew is second to none.

We use our talent pool to store profiles of people that would like to be considered for work with Weta Workshop or have previously worked for us and would like to be considered for more opportunities.

We look for people with skills in the following areas:

  • Casting (urethanes) & molding (silicone, plaster)
  • Painting
  • Fibreglassing
  • Practical hand skills like woodworking, carving, jewellery making
  • Costuming
  • Machining (textiles)
  • Experience with leather, textiles and alternative materials
  • Software programmes (e.g. Rhino & Illustrator)
  • Sculpting
  • Props and model making
  • Costume props
  • Engineering
  • Woodworking

These are hands-on, ‘roll up your sleeves’ type jobs for people who can muck in and deliver great work to tight deadlines.We’re also keen to meet Jacks and Jills of all trades: people who can pick up hand tools or power tools, handle themselves around chemicals, take direction well and are comfortable getting stuck into whatever labour-intensive job we throw at them.

Weta Workshop is a health and safety focused workplace, so we’re looking for people who have a high level of health and safety awareness and the desire to contribute to a safe and friendly environment.


Our Talent Pool

If you're keen to join our Talent Pool please click the link below to complete the application form and attach examples of your work. We will confirm that we have received your application through our recruitment system, and you will be able to contact us with any future profile updates as needed.

Weta Workshop Talent Pool 

We will assess all applications regularly, and may make contact with you when we are actively recruiting if your skills and experience match our project requirements. We will also advertise specific open roles on our website, so please keep an eye out. 

Please note we are only able to hire from overseas if we are unable to find the skills we are looking for within New Zealand.

Please note that Weta DigitalPark Road Post and other group companies have separate recruitment sections under their respective headings above.

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