Inside the Workshop

Our Instagram is a tour through the eyes of Weta Workshop! Check in daily for beautiful behind-the-scenes photos, throwback images from our early days, crew portraits and snapshots of Workshop life.  Here's a small slice to whet your appetite...


"I don't work out. I do diddly squats."
Overheard in the paint shop
"Always illuminate your sausages"
Overheard in Animatronics
“I was confused as to why you were giving me a funny sexy face and showing me your arm.”
Ben to Rob
"It's like a garden of Eden... but with robots"
Overheard in the Design Studio
"Let the absurdity be absurd"
Overheard in the Design Studio
"Stop looking guilty." "I can't help it, I'm always guilty."
Alister to Kelly
“After Tuesday, even the calendar is like, WTF?”
Overheard on the Workshop floor
"Here are the file thingies. Everything's in a clump. It's in a folder called 'Attack'. You can just laser it onto some... whatever."
Overheard on the Workshop floor
“If ya leave a monkey in charge, don’t be surprised when you end up with a banana plantation.”
Overheard on the Workshop floor

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