Congratulations to our winners!


Thanks so much to everyone who took part in our 12 Days of Christmas contest for 2017! We hope you had fun trying to figure out our ridiculous riddles and guess what was wrapped.

Here's the full list of winners and presents, revealed...

Day #1 Winner: Trish MacNeil, Canada

Dordi in the Paint Shop with an epic collection of good and evil..

Answer: A set of 5 Mini Epic vinyl figures

Day #2 Winner: Petra Imladris, Czech Republic

Good girl gone bad - or is that the thing we've wrapped?

Answer: Saruman the White at Dol Guldur.

Day #3 Winner: Eve Ruottinen, Finland

What have our Props elves wrapped for Day 3? Sugar & spice and not so nice...

Answer: Cherub Tree Topper.

Day #4 Winner: Alain Bowen, Wales

A celebration with VERY specific entry requirements.

Answer: Party Business Bundle.

Day #5 Winner: Dave Mac, UK

They may be small, but don't be fooled: they're more than a match for this metalhead.

Answer: Four 1:30 scale Dol Guldur figures

Day #6 Winner: Lani Manion, USA

Hell's Bells, it's Ria with...a box. Or is it two? I'm afraid to find out.

Answer: Krampus Bells & Beelzebaubles

Day #7 Winner: Vicky Van Hamme, Belgium

Masa & Sabin, feeling as happy as hobbits who're up to no good.

Answer: Hobbit House of Farmer Maggot

Day #8 Winner: Mike Butler, UK

Jorgelina & Zoe, who've wrapped a holier-than-thou cow, fit for any gentlesire or madam.

Answer: Righteous Bison.

Day #9 Winner: James Forrester, Australia

Don't be fooled by Raashi & Ri's cheeky expression. The devil is in the details, and this one has a frightfully fun secret.

Answer: Teddy 'Klaue' plushie from Krampus.

Day #10 Winner: Sarah D'Imporzano, Italy

Into the double digits! Which is why Leonard's trying to fool all you worms with two presents that are actually one. 

Answer: Middle-earth: From Script to Screen  with exclusive prop replica.

Day #11 Winner: Naomi Osborne, Australia

I'm not even gonna give you a clue for this one. Honest. Hats off to Christian & Nicola.

Answer: GKR: Heavy Hitters board game.

Day #12 Winner: Victoria Wilde, Australia

If you're stuck, click around our site for similar shaped objects. I've said too much!

Answer: Fell Beast Bust.

(OK, that was a difficult one!)


Congratulations to our winners, and Merry Christmas to all!

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