Workshop unveils plans at 1:30 scale

Typically, San Diego Comic Con is the big reveal event for Weta Workshop’s collectibles team. But this year they’ve decided to let something slip a few months early. A new video, released today, showcases plans for their new 1:30 scale range of collectible dioramas. The teaser video features Weta Workshop designers and technicians, including one of Middle-earth’s favourite sons, Workshop concept designer and author of The Hobbit Chronicles, Daniel Falconer.

“We’ve been making collectible statues and environments for many years, but what we’ve discovered recently is there’s a real interest in seeing full scenes. So we’ve put together a team to start working on a new 1:30 scale line of dioramas.”

 -Weta Workshop Concept Designer and Author, Daniel Falconer

Work is already well underway on Dol Guldur, the first iconic scene in the range. The Workshop team had the unique privilege of being able to draw on concept art and set plans from The Hobbit film trilogy to design this pivotal battle scene featuring Middle-earth’s most powerful characters.

The range has been developed with accessibility for the collector in mind. Figures in the 1:30 scale range will come at a lower price point and take up less space than they would in the more traditional 1:6 scale polystone. Rather than one large bespoke piece, the scene will fit together as a series of modular elements.

The range will also allow Weta Workshop’s artists to explore collectibles that haven’t been created yet due to size restrictions.

“We’ve always wanted to do Radagast and his rabbit-drawn sleigh, and so have our collectors, but at 1:6 scale, that just wasn’t feasible. At 1:30 scale, we can create specialty pieces, such as miniature figurines, which collectors can use to populate larger scenes as they see fit.” 

 -Weta Workshop Concept Designer and Author, Daniel Falconer

Weta Workshop’s new 1:30 range is still in its beginning stages, so there’s plenty of time for collectors to clear space on their shelves. In the meantime, fans can get a taste of what’s to come with Weta Workshop’s behind-the-scenes teaser video. 

What would you like to see in our 1:30 scale range? Let us know below.

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