Weta Workshop Names Design Competition Winner

Ziyi Zheng Flower City SMALL

Weta Workshop have named the New Zealand winner of the inaugural Incheon City Concept Design Competition. In first place is Ziyi Zheng from the University of Auckland, with runner-up Andrew Noble, from the Ara Institute of Canterbury, and third place going to Michael Vaughan of the YooBee School of Design, Christchurch.

Weta Workshop’s Magic Leap Game Finalist in International Awards

 Cav40 Marektting RAW

Hold onto your rayguns. Weta Workshop’s gaming division has been announced as a finalist in both the VES and D.I.C.E. Awards. The ground-breaking sci-fi game, Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders, available exclusively on Magic Leap, was released in 2018 and has been heralded as ushering in a new era of gaming.

Weta Workshop Aids Robot Insurgency in David Karlak’s RISE

If you’ve ever wondered which side Weta Workshop would take in the inevitable robot revolution, the clue may lie in RISE: the terrific sci-fi short from Los Angeles director David Karlak.

Workshop magic helps shape the future of art and technology

It’s looking to be a watershed year for Magic Leap’s Mixed Reality Lightfield™ technology, and Wellington’s Weta Workshop is playing a pivotal creative role. 

Workshop to space station...... come in space station

When Weta Workshop General Manager, Dave Wilks answered a phone call on a Saturday morning back in September, the last person he expected would be on the other end was an astronaut, let alone one aboard the International Space Station. Fortunately for Dave and the Weta Workshop crew, that's exactly who it was. American Astronaut Kjell Lindgren was calling Dave to set up a downlink, NASA speak for video call, with the Weta Workshop Crew.

Imaginary worlds delight at Expressions


If you have ever wanted to see what creative folk get up to in their spare time, Imaginary Worlds: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art from New Zealand is your chance. The exhibition accompanies the release of Volume Three of the White Cloud Worlds anthology, created by Weta Workshop Concept Designer Paul Tobin (you can pick up a copy at Weta Workshop’s online store).

Scale of Fury Road collaboration revealed in FX Guide interview

FXGuide has interviewed Weta Workshop Creative Director and Co-founder Richard Taylor about the extent of his team’s design involvement in the critically acclaimed blockbuster, and the fruitful collaboration between Weta Workshop, Director George Miller and Australia-based production house Kennedy Miller Mitchell.

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