Inside the Chop Shop Vol. 1: Customising your Heavy Hitter with Leonard Ellis!

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With 20 days left to go in our Kickstarter for GKR: Heavy Hitters - Weta Workshop's first ever board game - it's time to talk about what you can do with the unpainted robots you'll receive in the Painter's Edition pledge! Starting with our amazing Middle-earth model-maker, Leonard Ellis, and his customised hot rod Heavy Hitter.

Weta Workshop’s First Kickstarter Funded in 4.5 Hours

Stretch that monkey brain, chomp hard on that mouth guard and prepare to throw down for the hottest board game brawl this side of the megapocalypse. GKR: Heavy Hitters, Weta Workshop’s first ever tabletop game, has launched on Kickstarter - and has already met its funding goal in just 4.5 hours.

Weta Workshop Tops Adam Savage’s ‘Favourite Things’ of 2016

Adam Savage, co-host of the legendary Discovery Channel show Mythbusters, has released a new video naming his favourite things of 2016. At the top of the list: crafting his very own sword at New Zealand’s Weta Workshop.

Workshop unveils plans at 1:30 scale

Typically, San Diego Comic Con is the big reveal event for Weta Workshop’s collectibles team. But this year they’ve decided to let something slip a few months early. A new video, released today, showcases plans for their new 1:30 scale range of collectible dioramas. The teaser video features Weta Workshop designers and technicians, including one of Middle-earth’s favourite sons, Workshop concept designer and author of The Hobbit Chronicles, Daniel Falconer.

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