Weta Wheels!

We clock up a fair amount of foot mileage here at Weta Workshop. With three separate tours operating out of three separate buildings on the Miramar Peninsula, to say nothing of our warehouses, production units, and sister companies scattered every which way, there’s a sizeable amount of to-ing and fro-ing, and coming and going, by our hard-working crew.

Thank Grunto for these, then. Our very own fleet of Weta Wheels!

IMG 0940 v2

A bit of backstory: micro® New Zealand kindly gifted Weta Workshop Co-founder Tania Rodger a special Weta-themed micro® scooter, after learning how much Tania’s son was loving his own. Could a scooter, Tania wondered, prove useful at the Workshop? Only one way to find out.

Once the scooter rolled into the Weta Cave, our Tourism crew took to it like ducks to water (or is that ducks to wheels?), with our tour guides taking turns to ferry themselves between Weta Workshop’s three tour spaces on Camperdown Road and Park Road. Suddenly, making back-to-back tours on time while contending with the wild Wellington weather was no problem at all, especially when Tania added three more scooters to the mix. Now we have four sets of Weta Wheels, all dressed up with our signature Weta bug on the decks.

IMG 0973 v2

Full disclosure: I can’t take credit for “Weta Wheels”. That’s Tania’s very apt nickname for our rad new rides.

“After micro® New Zealand surprised us with their generous gift of our first scooter, and to see it in constant use - it seemed obvious to upgrade to a fleet! The Weta tour guides are loving the fact they can just zoom back and forth between all the different spaces with ease and style. They seem pretty happy taking the 'Weta Wheels' out for a spin and it’s certainly a fast way to get around Miramar!”

And the final verdict from our Tourism crew? Besides looking mighty good, they reckon the scooters are super sturdy (a necessity when battling the Wellington wind on a daily basis), smooth to ride, and easy to use. Even for those of us with two left feet.

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