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Wētā Workshop partners with Expo 2020 Dubai on Mobility Pavilion

expo2020 pavilion mobility 2 1600 x 900

Wētā Workshop is part of the team of lead creative designers appointed by global exhibition company MET Studio Design to create a bold creative vision for one of the Expo 2020 Dubai's three flagship pavilions.

The Wellington-based design and manufacture studio shares this role with Los Angeles-based experience company, Magnopus.

The Mobility Pavilion has been designed by UK-based architects Foster + Partners, and the project is being managed by Dubai-based property developer, EMAAR. It is one of three thematic pavilions undertaken by Expo 2020 Dubai, with the Opportunity and Sustainability Pavilions completing the trio.

These integral buildings compliment an impressive collection of pavilions themed after and created by over 190 countries.

Opening in October 2020, the Mobility Pavilion will explore and celebrate the past, present and future movement of people, goods, and ideas. It will welcome millions of international visitors.

Wētā Workshop joined the project in 2017—during its conceptual phase—to help define the story of the space. With this underway, they began to design, art direct, and manufacture an impressive collection of large-scale key elements that help to tell that story.

For now, the contents of the Mobility Pavilion remain a secret, but one thing is apparent: Expo 2020 Dubai is an undertaking of epic proportions for Wētā Workshop’s crew of artists, designers, and technicians.

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expo2020 pavilion mobility 2 1600 x 900