Blade Runner 2049

Play the Blade Runner 2049 Behind the scenes

For Denis Villeneuve’s critically acclaimed follow-up to the 1982 cult classic, Weta Workshop was honoured to provide practical miniatures, selected cinematography, and concept design work. Retaining the physicality that made the original Blade Runner an iconic work of sci-fi cinema, the Weta Workshop crew hand-made enormous miniature sets which were then filmed by legendary cinematographer Alex Funke. In the Design Studio, the Workshop’s team of conceptual designers helped give shape to the director’s vision.

Triboro Design 00013
Triboro Design 00038
Triboro Design 00027
Triboro Design 00040
Triboro Design 00025
Triboro Design 00007
Triboro Design 00014
Triboro Design 00019
Triboro Design 00039
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