Play the Godzilla Behind the Scenes Video

Working on Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros Pictures' re-imagining of arguably the most iconic monster in movie history with Director Gareth Edwards was an absolute thrill for our designers and we are incredibly proud of the final product.   


Check out what the concept designers came up with for Godzilla:

GODZ Design CRE006
F4Q0399 120913r
GODZ Design CRE001
F4Q0376 120913r
GODZ Design CRE003
SUP4324 090614r
GODZ Design CRE002
GODZ Design CRE004
F4Q0383 120913r
GODZ Design CRE008
F4Q0403 120913r
GODZ Design CRE005
SUP4329 090614r
GODZ Design CRE007
F4Q0387 120913r

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