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The designers at Weta Workshop contributed a large amount of artwork for Brett Ratner's re-imagining of this classic character.

323 Nemean Lion a REV 01 d
238mood 01 EP
239Herc inForestGH 1aWIP
061mood study 01 EP
252Hydra Heads Revised2 PT
038Hercules 1Flat
062mood study 02 EP
336 CerberusAsh 1aFlatGH
240HercBreaksChainsGH 1aWIP
204Herc vs Bessi NK
335 Herc Impales Cerberus NK
236herculean debt 01 EP
234glory 01c EP
233Hercules vision 01 EP
025RoadToThrace 1aFlat2
231Hercules vision 02 EP
304 Cerberus 2bFlatGH
225Herc Rhesus Centaurs NK
295 Hydra 1bFlatGH
303 Cerberus 2aFlatGH
248Herc v Cyclops 1cFlatGH
284 Boar A 01 GT
294 Hydra 1aFlatGH

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