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Our team of creative problem solvers and thinkers are here to help you build your design into your intellectual property

World Building

From the beloved literary works of C.S Lewis’ Narnia or J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, to modern visions like that of James Cameron’s Pandora, or Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, our creative team can build or assist in building any imaginary or historical worlds from the ground up during the creative development phases through to pre-production, production, post production and beyond

Our approach

By bringing our unique skills and experience to productions of any scale, one of the core principles of our design philosophy is world-design, whereby we adopt the mindset of creating entire worlds that have their own internal consistency, as opposed to designing specific items in isolation. This helps bring a universal reality to the work produced, with each item having being conceived of thoughtfully and within the context of the rest of the world it exists in.

This approach has yielded clients with a fertile source of inspiration and brought many a memorable character, prop, weapon, costume, culture, environment or effect to the screen. Our design and creative team enjoys engaging clients in creative discussion to expand ideas and enhance the design brief to give them the most value and visual impact for their specific project's needs.


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