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Temperatures may be dropping in New Zealand, but we’re bringing the heat with hot deals and even hotter collectibles in the pipeline.

Welcome to our first virtual event for 2020, exclusive to our special VIPs. Five days of reveals and deals starts 10AM, June 1 (NZT).


Witch-king and Frodo at Weathertop Concept Sketch

Witch King and Frodo at weathertop concept art webres

To mark the upcoming release of the Witch-king and Frodo at Weathertop, we had Daniel Falconer put pencil to paper and sketch his interpretation of the scene.

In thinking about the Witch-king and Frodo at Weathertop, I wanted to emphasize the disparity in size and power between the two characters. This is a pivotal moment in our story, when the true danger of the Ring is driven home and we almost lose our hero. I wanted Frodo to seem tiny and completely outmatched by the towering Wraith. Having Frodo already knocked to the ground and the Wraith leaning over him really emphasized the peril.

This statue has given us the chance to do something no one has done in previous collectible depictions of this scene or its characters, which has been to include some of the environment, whipped and distorted by Wraith-world effects. Peter Jackson crafted the Wraith-world to have a kind of tumultuous atmosphere, with a whipping spiritual wind that seemed to tug at the edges of everything in that space. This is great because it has afforded us the opportunity to imbue the statue with a sense of movement and energy. It’s exciting to know that soon we’ll be able to reveal how sculptor Jane Wenley and the team recreated this incredible scene as a piece of collectible art.


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