SDCC’s at home this year – and we’re joining the show. In true Workshop fashion, we’ve magicked a booth together with a bit of elbow grease and we’re pointing a camera at it.

Our mission? To spark your fandom.  Each day we’ll reveal new collectibles, special features with our artists, and sneak peeks at upcoming statues being crafted in the workshop as we speak.

Join us daily from July 19-27 (PDT).


SDCC 305x458 Deals v6 v2

MINI EPICS: Slimer SDCC Exclusive

SDCC 305x458 Deals v62 v2

MINI EPICS: Gollum SDCC Exclusive

MINI EPICS Smaug reveal microsite


SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf™ the Grey Pilgrim

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails Ringwraith

Ringwraith™ of Mordor

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v85

Naruto Shippuden

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v86


SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v87

One Punch Man

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v88

Death Note

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v915

Masters Collection: Thranduil, the Woodland King

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v819

skekMal, the Hunter Skeksis

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v812

MINI EPICS: Mr Torgue and Lilith

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v89

MINI EPICS: Alien Face Hugger and Ripley

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v810

MINI EPICS: Éowyn and Arwen

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v811

MINI EPICS: Radagast the Brown

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v916

The Cave Troll of Moria

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v813

Figures of Fandom, The Witch-King of Angmar

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v814

Figures of Fandom, Gandalf the White

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v820

TOMB RAIDER: 1:4 scale sculpt

TOMB RAIDER: 1:4 scale sculpt

SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v820 2

Paying homage to the 25th anniversary of Lara Croft, our sculptors have been busy tackling one of the most courageous characters ever...

Strap in for a jaw snapping ride with our upcoming Tomb Raider: Anniversary sculpt.

Hold tight till October to see the whole piece, in all it’s 1:4 scale glory.



The Witch-King of Angmar, Figures of Fandom

86 01 02853 LOTR WitchKing FOF.002

Experience the next generation of collectibles made by fans, for fans!

We’ve expanded our range of Figures of Fandom to include iconic characters from The Lord of the Rings. Made from high-quality PVC and barely contained within a stylised environmental base, The Witch-King of Angmar whirls his flail and flaming sword towards Gandalf the White. Recreate this wicked showdown only seen in the Extended Edition of The Return of the King.

Clear space on your shelf and let your fan flag fly. Available for pre-order now.


Gandalf the White, Figures of Fandom

LOTR Gandalf FOF 002

Experience the next generation of collectibles made by fans, for fans!

Staff in one hand, sword in the other; Gandalf the White has returned from death and ruin to rally the people of Gondor in their hour of need. And not a moment too soon. The Lord of the Nazgûl has entered the fray.

Standing at 12.6 inches tall, Gandalf is made from high quality PVC with translucent elements.

Clear space on your shelf and let your fan flag fly. Available for pre-order now.


ARTIST'S CORNER with Leonard Ellis


The lucky last in our #ComicConatHome series of artist features.

Join Model Maker, Leonard Ellis as he talks us through Hobbit Hole hacks, DIY sculpting tools & of course, the infamous ‘flame thrower’.

Watch (and learn).

The Cave Troll of Moria

LOTR CaveTroll 002
Striking at the Chamber of Mazarbul, a great force of Moria Orcs fell upon the Fellowship with a lumbering Cave Troll. Though weak-witted, the beast was as strong as ten men and encased in a hide like iron. In three-fingered hands the brute gripped a great stone hammer, which it swung indiscriminately, crushing Orc and enemy alike as it charged down its quarry.

Almost two decades after he sculpted our original Cave Troll statue in 2001, Jamie Beswarick has revisited the brute in a new sculpt to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings! This time, Jamie collaborated with Yorke Yu to sculpt the troll alongside two bug-eyed Moria Orcs.

Towering above at 24 inches tall, our Moria Dwellers will be available for pre-order in the coming months.


MINI EPICS: Lilith & Mr. Torgue

10 50 03250 Borderlands Lilith 002

To celebrate the first anniversary of mayhem, 3D sculptor Mauro Santini bolstered our arsenal of allies from Borderlands 3.

Make room for these Mini Epics in September:

  • Lilith - Say sup to this Siren. The Firehawk just phasewalked her way through EPIC-erization.
  • Torgue - Know what rains from the human cloud named Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington? Explosions. And PECS!
10 50 03251 Borderlands MrTorgue 002

MINI EPICS: Ellen Ripley & Facehugger

05 50 03042 Alien Ripley 002

In 2019, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Alien by unleashing the Xenomorph into our Mini Epics mix. We lost a few Executive Officers in the process. Luckily, our heroine is en route to get the situation under control.

In November, the Nostromo’s unwelcome intruder will be joined by:

  • Ripley - Protect Jones, priority one, all other priorities are rescinded.
  • Facehugger - Personal space may be an issue with this Mini Epic. Meet your new clingy friend!
05 50 03043 Alien Facehugger MiniEpic 002

MINI EPICS: Radagast the Brown

87 50 03247 Hobbit Radagast MiniEpic 002

Radagast enjoys the company of animals and EPICS. A friend to bird and beast alike, but Sebastian barely counts as beastly.

We’ve grown the Mini Epics family to include not only more figures from The Lord of the Rings, but iconic characters from The Hobbit – each figure as highly stylised as the next.

Radagast joins his fellows in the Order of the Istari from November. He takes up his beloved post as our old, eccentric, obviously unwashed Wizard.

MINI EPICS: Arwen & Éowyn

Eowyn Mini Epic 2 v2

Middle-earth’s heroines are prepared to risk love and life to protect the halflings. They’ll follow their friends into battle on your shelf. Our first lady from the land of Rings, Galadriel, will soon be joined by:

  • Éowyn - This fearless Rider of Rohan is obviously no man. She’s a Mini Epic. Watch out Witch-King.
  • Arwen - If you want her, come and claim her later this year.
arwen Mini Epic v3

SKEKMAL, the Hunter Skeksis

62 01 02996 DarkCrystal Hunter 002

Once marked as prey, none evaded the keen senses of the Hunter, who took grizzly trophies from his victims to adorn and armour his towering frame. While the other Skeksis withered, the Hunter was strong and fast, sustained by his ravenous appetite for pursuit and conquest.

The counterpart of the Mystic urVa is the most feared Skeksis of all, the ferocious Hunter. Considered the most beautiful Skeksis by Mother Aughra, skekMal comes complete with curved blades and hunting trophies including a victim’s skull to cover his own and various bones hanging from his belt.

SkekMal partners perfectly with his ‘light’ half: urVa the Archer.


ARTIST'S CORNER with Flo Foxworthy & Sanit Klamchanuan

P4 9900 150720

On any given day, you’ll find them deep inside the Workshop creating incredible costumes for the movies. Join our masters of disguise as they talk all things cosplay.

Watch (and learn).

MASTERS COLLECTION: Thranduil, the Woodland King

Hobbit Thranduil on Throne 003

Proud and unyielding, King Thranduil was an Elf Lord of a different sort than Elrond or Galadriel. No higher impulse than mood and envy moved the cautious Sindar Elf. Upon a raised throne, crowned with antlers of wood, he delivered judgement upon those fool enough to enter his domain unbidden…

All hail the next chapter in our Masters Collection. Thranduil, Woodland King is the fourth in our line of fine art Middle-earth statues, and our first from The Hobbit motion picture trilogy – making this an auspicious reveal indeed.

Sculptor Steven Saunders has applied his talents to the King. Standing at a regal 1 metre tall, it’s the biggest 1:6 scale statue we’ve ever created in 20 years of making collectibles.

Thranduil is scheduled for release in 2021. Edition size and release date TBC.



SDCC Product Rainbow 305x458 Thumbnails v8

Behind the scenes at Weta Workshop, we’ve been busy developing collectibles for…how shall we put this. It’s not just a genre. Nor is it merely “really REALLY popular.”

It’s a pop culture phenomenon. A fandom of epic proportions.

We’re excited to announce our new line of Anime characters, coming soon to Mini Epics and Figures of Fandom!

As you can imagine, we’ve been spoilt for choice. So naturally we’ve gone with the heavy hitters:

  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Bleach
  • One Punch Man
  • Death Note

 Your favourite characters, landing soon.

CLASSIC SERIES from Middle-earth

It might be the Workshop’s worst-kept secret. But hey, we’re ok with that. Especially when it’s Second Breakfast-level juicy. 

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings, we’re going old school with a new range of Open Edition statues!

This special new line showcases Middle-earth’s finest in signature poses and clothing. Our first releases are companion pieces, available for pre-order now – so you can have them on your shelf in time for the celebrations.

Gandalf™ the Grey Pilgrim, Classic Series

86 01 02981  LOTR TravellingGandalf 002

Appearing to most as little more than a ragged old man beneath a wide-brimmed hat, Gandalf’s shabby guise hid a power that only the wisest truly knew and few could match.

There are so many classic Gandalf moments, it was almost impossible to choose. But choose we did. Sculpted by our resident “Gandalf Master,” Steven Saunders, Gandalf the Grey Pilgrim walks down the steps of Minas Tirith. Collect this highly detailed polystone figure solo or as a companion piece to Ringwraith of Mordor.


Ringwraith of Mordor, Classic Series

86 01 03265 LOTR RingWraithofMordor 006 Portrait

Shire… Baggins…

One of the most chilling characters in The Fellowship of the Ring, captured in sculpture by Brigitte Wuest. We’ve recreated the classic Ringwraith portrait at the scene of Bree, complete with highly detailed fabric folds and textures. The perfect size for your shelf or desk display, or, alternatively, your nightmares.


ARTIST'S CORNER with Jules German


We’re serving up cool stuff with the people who make it! Painter Jules German is the first in our series of artist demonstrations throughout #ComicConatHome.

Jules is painting a figure from a yet-to-be-released collectible. But this piece don’t care. This piece just wants man flesh.

Watch (and learn). 


87 50 03246 Hobbit Smaug MiniEpic 002

Glittering coins. Golden treasure. And a goblet to hug his horn tip. Our King Under the Mountain cradles his hoard.

We’re proud to announce mini Middle-earth is welcoming an all-new cast of characters from The Hobbit! The adventure begins with our fearsome fire drake.

Tales may fall short of his enormity, but our digital sculptor sure didn’t. Mauro Santini recreated Smaug in STUPENDOUS size; towering at 11.2 inches tall, he’s our biggest Mini Epic yet.

87 50 03246 Hobbit Smaug MiniEpic 008

MINI EPICS: Slimer SDCC Exclusive

Ghostbusters SDCC GlowintheDark Slimer 006 portrait

Your favourite Little Spud: spooktacular edition! Our San Diego Comic-Con EXCLUSIVE glows in the dark.

Our first glow-in-the-dark collectible has landed in limited numbers. Once he’s gone, he’s glow-ne.


Made from 100% ectoplasm*, this little dude is here to keep you company in dark times.

*Actually, high-quality vinyl. Potato, slime-tahto.


MINI EPICS: Gollum SDCC Exclusive

LOTR SDCC Gollum MiniEpic 002

Don’t pay attention to those STUPID fat hobbitses. Give our San Diego Comic-Con EXCLUSIVE his coneys, tender and raw.

Gollum don’t want fish, so we’re serving him – and you – an exclusive protein instead. Enjoy this special, strictly Limited Edition Mini Epic while doing one or more of the following:

  • Boiling
  • Mashing
  • Sticking things in stews
  • Making nasty chips
  • Hiding the Precious