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dubai expo 2020

Coming Soon: Expo 2020 Mobility Pavilion

Client: Dubai Government


Unleashed On White Project Graphic

Weta Workshop Unleashed

Client: Weta Workshop


2015 Gallilpoi Te Papa

Gallipoli: The scale of our war

Client: Te Papa Tongarewa


Bug Lab Poster

Bug Lab

Client: Te Papa Tongarewa


tcm web poster

Coming Soon: Traditional Chinese Medicine Botanical Museum

Client: Shambala

Weta Experiences Castle

Your creative vision, experience design, sitewide master planning, manufacture, and project management partner.


Our approach to LBEs is the same as our film work: collaborative, bold, and cinematic.

From award-winning exhibitions to themed visitor attractions, art installations to immersive narrative-driven destinations, we always set out to create unique visitor experiences that are memorable and meaningful.

Our dedicated LBE team is made up of artists, creative directors, art directors, writers, draftspeople, graphic designers, producers, and project managers. Together, we apply cinematic artistic design thinking, expert management, creativity, craftsmanship, and three decades of experience and passion in making imaginary worlds for the creative industries.

From the earliest stages of creative development through to manufacture and installation we enjoy collaborating with our valued partners and clients in creating and making exciting projects of any genre, scope and scale across the globe.

When it comes to production and build, we are able to engage the full knowledge and expertise of Weta Workshop for manufacture, media, interactive, and conceptual design, plus collaborate with our global network of project specialists.

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2015 Gallilpoi Te Papa

Creative Vision and Strategic Project Master Planning

We bring our expertise in creative development, narrative & IP generation, production management, commercial acumen, and a passion for wanting to create unique experiences that meet and exceed visitor expectations.  We work with clients developing strategic frameworks that help articulate the projects creative vision and commercial business plans. 

BlueSky Development and Ideas Generation

Imagination and creativity are the lifeforce of any project, together they allow original and unique ideas to form. We pride ourselves on cultivating unique ideas and concepts that can grow into meaningful and memorable experiences through the process of creative nurturing and collaboration.


089 PlaqueTreeNew2
082 Establishing Diorama AM

Concept Development, Experience Design, and Creative Consultancy   

Weta Workshop’s LBE division offers creative development and conceptual design services from day zero onwards.  Our multidisciplinary team have the experience, skills, and passion to work with you to develop a vision for your project that takes you from concept through to opening day and beyond.

Master Narrative, Script, and Content Development

Developing a strong master narrative is key for any project.  When combining strong and meaningful narratives and themes with exquisite art direction and design is where projects can become memorable.  Our love of narrative combined with spatial design and visitor experience is where we believe the heart of any project comes to life.   

Project Research

The importance of understanding a projects subject matter is critical.  We take the time to understand the research needs of every project to ensure the experiences we design and build and stories we tell are authentic and unique. 

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WWUnleashed Logo 1

Artistic and Creative Direction

Bold artistic and creative direction is the key in maintaining the vision and design intent of any LBE project. Our creative direction expertise cover a wide range of creative and technical disciplines throughout the life cycle of project, including concept development, design development, content development, lighting and audio design, spatial narrative design, technical design integration and visitor experience design.

Visual Identity Design and Brand Development

In harmony with the creative development of the experience itself, our creative and design development team can provide the artistic intent and inspiration to inform the brand and visual identity development for any LBE project whether this sits under a parent brand or is an entirely unique IP offering.


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Design Management and Art Direction

Key to executing a bold creative vision with authenticity and integrity is a careful and considered approach to the design process. The projects goals and master vision are held in high regard, while remaining open-minded to new information and focused on the highest-quality end result.

Design Development - Schematic and Detailed Design

During the Design Development stages (DD), concept design & refinement are all fully developed into a developed design package for fabricators, contractors, and vendors for bidding and tender purposes.  This will include, but not limited to, detailed drawings, schematics, diagrams, reference, and visualisations that indicate design specifications of scenery, signage, technical equipment, interactives, displays, materials, colour intent.

Multimedia Content, Lighting and Audio, Technical, Interactive Design and Development

We design multisensory location-based experiences that require narrative, visuals, audio, lighting, interactivity, soundscapes and technical show/set design to integrate seamlessly within the visitor experiences we create.  Our creative and project supervision team are the project vision keepers and oversee all media, technical and interactive elements. We work with our in-house media team and/or our external media, lighting, audio, interactive and technical specialist partners to ensure the creative vision becomes reality.

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BugLab Logo 1

Project Supervision, Project Execution Planning, Fabrication Documentation and Tender Packs

Our project management team ensure the guardrails of the project are firmly in place, keeping the design and creative team on track, ensuring that project ideas are achievable, operational and financially sound.  Our experienced team ensure communication, process, project schedules, contracts and budgets all align to bring assurance to our team, project vendors and our clients throughout all stages of a project.

Fabrication and Installation Supervision

The Weta Workshop team works very closely with the client and fabrication/installation vendors to ensure all items are delivered as originally designed and meets the creative intent of the project.

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