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The All Blacks and Wētā Workshop Unleashed at SkyCity Auckland


Visitors to the SkyCity Auckland precinct will be welcomed off Federal Street with an amazing giant mural, which is a collaboration between Wētā Workshop Unleashed and the All Blacks Experience.

The mural brings together the two new experiences in one image, with rugby players competing in an epic contest with mythical creatures. Designed by Wētā Workshop artist Ken Samonte, the image incorporates a variety of characters on the rugby team, showcasing the vast communities that rugby creates in New Zealand. The mythical creatures are a mix of classic fantasy themes and ambiguous designs all intended to expand your imagination.

This design started as a rough pencil sketch from Richard Taylor, which Ken Samonte then developed into a fully formed concept. Once approved, a team of artists worked on the segments of the mural to complete it in high resolution. Following a series of test prints the whole mural was sent to print and prepared for installation. Installation took place over several days in the Federal Street entrance corridor

Ken created the concept and art directed the project, supported by a team of seven designers and a production manager at Wētā Workshop in Wellington. The mural is one of the longest murals Ken has worked on. The shared mural will be accompanied by another giant mural elsewhere in the precinct, which will be unveiled later this year.

Wētā Workshop Unleashed opens on Tuesday 15 December, 2020. Guests are invited to step inside a fantastical film effects workshop and explore the worlds of horror, sci-fi and fantasy in-the-making. Secure your tickets for summer now.