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Careers at Wētā Workshop

Design & Manufacture

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Design Studio

With more than 40 designers, art directors, and production staff, our design studio is a brain-trust of conceptual thinkers. We work collaboratively with clients to conceptualise and visualize incredible ideas. Skilled in 2D and 3D art and design, as well as world-building, writing, and storytelling, our work spans film, television, location-based experiences, and far beyond.

WetaWorkshop Manufacturing

From traditional handcrafts like sword-making and leatherwork, through to innovative 3D printing, 3D milling, laser cutting and robotics, our workshop floor is made up of more than 17 departments, all under one roof. On any given day, our artisans and technicians are making armour, weapons, creatures, specialty costumes, prosthetics, sculptures, props, vehicles, miniatures, and more.

Location-based Experience & Interactive

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Location-based Experiences

Our newest division is focused on the exciting world of immersive entertainment, providing design and manufacture for incredible visitor attractions, installations, exhibitions, and experiences. With a crew comprised of Wētā Workshop artists, designers, and production staff, we take a cinematic approach to all that we do.

NZ Game Studio

Our Interactive crew are a diverse family of game developers who are passionate about making incredible things with technology. From launching AAA videogames on multiple platforms, developing immersive experiences driven by mixed reality, to helping clients achieve their vision with our renowned attention to detail - we love it all. Learn more about our games studio.

Tourism & Consumer Products


Featured in The Guardian UK’s Top 10 Studio Tours in the world, Wētā Workshop tours are the gateway to creativity on the Miramar Peninsula. Our dedicated team of tour guides, retail staff, and behind-the-scenes movers and shakers work tirelessly every day to give our 150,000 annual visitors an experience to remember.

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Consumer Products

From high-end art statues to pop vinyl collectibles, souvenirs, board games, apparel and much more, Wētā Workshop’s Consumer Products team create cool stuff for fans and collectors all over the world. Our team of product developers, designers, art directors, and production staff work together with Wētā Workshop’s artists and technicians to develop each new collectible.

Corporate Services & Production


Our Corporate Services division is the team making things happen behind the scenes. Including Finance, I.T., HR, Health & Safety, Facilities, Purchasing, and Media & Communications, we keep the Workshop running smoothly and safely. This busy team is also in charge of managing media enquiries and showing the world what we do!

Over in Production, this highly organized team work across all jobs running through the Workshop, liaising with clients, tracking the production of items, and ensuring all teams have the information they need to make cool stuff on a daily basis.

Talent Pools

Wētā Workshop is always on the lookout for new talent as our business grows. If you'd like to register your interest in working for us please apply via our talent pool listings in Current Vacancies above.

Talent Pools



Immigration New Zealand requires that we must first look within New Zealand to fill vacant roles, and only where we can't find suitable candidates are we able to hire from overseas. Any queries regarding work visas should be made through Immigration New Zealand directly, further information can be found on their website - 

Working at Weta Digital

Please note that Weta Digital has a separate recruitment website at Weta Digital Careers.


While there is some crossover in the work they do, Wētā Workshop and Weta Digital are two separate companies with different skill sets.

The best way to think of it is like this: Wētā Workshop is primarily a practical effects and conceptual design facility. We make props, costumes, artwork, vehicles, miniatures, models, and more, for a wide range of projects. Items you can touch, hold, stitch together, hand-build, illustrate, and craft.

Weta Digital creates digital visual effects for movies and television, employing visual effects artists, animators, programmers, technical directors, software engineers, and many more. Weta Digital has its own recruitment website, over at  Weta Digital Careers.